Audio switch using NMOS (low level signal)



A common-emitter amplifier can include a bypass capacitor from the emitter to ground, resulting in considerable extra gain (1000uF in the picture). What happens if the bypass capacitor is switched "ON" and "OFF" using an N-channel MOSFET, as shown in the picture? Will the MOSFET produce any distortions to the audio signal?

I've read that MOSFETs alone are not good switches for audio signals, particularly when voltage goes above 0.6V and the FET is OFF. But voltage here going through the bypass capacitor would be max. 200mV.

PD: Spice simulations and breadboarding seem to work fine, but I'm still unsure.

enter image description here

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SharePoint Online List Lookup within the Same List

  1. I have only One SharePoint Online List.
  2. I want to use a Lookup using "ID" and "Prior ID" columns, in order get a Date added to the "Prior Date" Field.
  3. I want it to look like the table below.
  4. But currently, nothing is returned in the Prior Date field, it is empty.

enter image description here

is it possible to have positive roots with all positive coefficients polynomial

There is a well known fact roughly as "a polynomial with all positive coefficients has all positive roots". At least, I were knowing like that. Bu when I examined roots of given polynomial below, I saw there exist 2 root on right hand side, means with positive real part, complex conjugate roots.

P(s) = s^6 + 4s^5 + 3s^4 + 2s^3 + s^2 + 4s + 4

Roots of the polynomial:

0.67967617+0.74881381j , 0.67967617-0.74881381j, -0.60459633+0.99353503j , -0.60459633-0.99353503j , -0.88580224,-3.26435744

How it can be possible? What are the conditions for this situation?

Finite groups with only one $p$-block

If $G$ is a finite group with a prime $p \big| |G|$, and $G$ has exactly one $p$-block, namely the principal block, can anything be said about the structure of $G$? I am aware that when $G$ has exactly one irreducible ordinary character in the principal block, this forces $|G|$ to be indivisible by $p$, so this question seems to be in some sense the opposite of this situation. I cannot seem to find much information about this though.

Could someone break down what each node in this node setup does to arrive at the final product?

I was looking to create a grid setup based on nodes so that I could quickly add and remove rows and use whatever object I wanted. I came across this setup by Harry McKenziestrong text It works beautifully! But I'd love to be able to understand how it works. I've tried, but I get stuck at the math nodes in the beginning... I know it'll probably be a lot to type, but would anyone mind breaking down how the setup in the photo works?

Thanks so much in advance!

The post I found the solution on, and the file with the node tree is here: How to place objects in a grid pattern with geometry nodes?

Rate at which jackhammer excavates asteroid

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I've got a family using a jackhammer to excavate an asteroid habitat they intend to homestead in.

  • The jackhammer is large, and would normally need mounting on a column or tripod like this mining drill. In this case it's in microgravity so mobility is a non-issue. It hits with ~200 joules a strike at ~1,200 hits a minute with a cheap, very hard, and easily replaceable synthetic polycrystalline diamond chisel. To counteract its recoil, ducted fans are mounted on its sides and crampons mounted on its operator's boots. It is connected via Very Long Cord™ through a transformer and battery to an antique but reliable generation III microfission plant (~1 MWe) with adequate radiation shielding and radiative cooling capacity.
  • Superglued and zip-tied near the jackhammer's front is the nozzle of an ultra-sized shop vac, which vacuums up floating tailings before they can hit the fans and shunts them to an inflatable bubble puffing off the asteroid like a zit for volatile extraction and reuse as radiation shielding. Anything too large to fit in the nozzle won't fit through the fan grates. Any family members in good health not doing anything else useful at the time follow behind and clear more debris from the air with more shop vacs or by hand. Rubble removal will hardly slow the miner down.
  • Other excavation options such as autonomous robotic moles or laser bores are unaffordable while two surplus industrial jackhammers (one was cannibalized for spares) sourced directly from the factory outlet were not; the ship required to reach 241136 Sandstede was expensive. A larger jackhammer would've required larger ducted fans and been more difficult to maneuver.
  • The work area is well-ventilated and kept at a temperature humans can safely work in. Heat and power are non-issues. Most parts of the jackhammer are shrink-wrapped to avoid dust entering its electronics. All family members in the mineshaft wear appropriate personal protective equipment and therefore will not need to pause due to (for instance) hearing loss or pneumoconiosis. The family will not accidentally mine their way into space as they know their location within the asteroid at all times thanks to a primitive sort of off-the-shelf-do-it-yourself GPS.
  • They are enough family members capable of safely operating the drill and it's far enough away from their living space (noise/dust concerns) that it can run 24/7 if they take shifts.

Assuming the asteroid is uniformly made of a rock with all the properties of granite (I'm aware this approximation is inaccurate), how many cubic meters of it can the jackhammer excavate per day?

nubia to launch Z60 Ultra on December 19

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nubia to launch Z60 Ultra on December 19​


Yordan 07 December 2023

The nubia Z60 Ultra will arrive on December 19, revealed the brand on Weibo. The phone will come to succeed the Z50 Ultra with fifth-generation under-display selfie camera and top-tier shooters on the back.

nubia Z60 Ultra teasers

The Weibo posts by nubia did not reveal the design, but the company claimed it will be a powerful all-around flagship.

This is the first time we hear about a nubia Z60 Ultra, and we have no idea what to expect regarding new features. The new phone will surely stick to an AMOLED panel with a high refresh rate, the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and a camera with a 35 mm equivalent focal length.

There are two weeks until the announcement, and we hope to see more teasers in the days leading to the event.

Source (in Chinese)

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как создать 25 кнопок не прописывая их в xaml в ручную и не нарушив подход mvvm c# wpf

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сейчас кнопки создаются так но мне за это хотят сломать ноги

public ObservableCollection<Button> Buttons { get; private set; }   

 ObservableCollection<Button> CreateButtons(ObservableCollection<Button> but)
            but = new ObservableCollection<Button>();
            for (int i = 0 ; i < 25; i++)
                btn[i] = new Button();
                btn[i].CommandParameter = i;
                btn[i].Background = Brushes.Blue;
                btn[i].Command = ColorChange;
                btn[i].BorderBrush= new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Black);
            return but;
  public SlotMineViewModel()//конструктор
            Buttons = CreateButtons(Buttons);


<ItemsControl Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="5" ItemsSource="{Binding Buttons}">
                                    <UniformGrid Rows="5" Columns="5" />
                               <Button Content="{Binding Text}" Command="{BindingCommand}"/>