Audio switch using NMOS (low level signal)



A common-emitter amplifier can include a bypass capacitor from the emitter to ground, resulting in considerable extra gain (1000uF in the picture). What happens if the bypass capacitor is switched "ON" and "OFF" using an N-channel MOSFET, as shown in the picture? Will the MOSFET produce any distortions to the audio signal?

I've read that MOSFETs alone are not good switches for audio signals, particularly when voltage goes above 0.6V and the FET is OFF. But voltage here going through the bypass capacitor would be max. 200mV.

PD: Spice simulations and breadboarding seem to work fine, but I'm still unsure.

enter image description here

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After following along with a hobbyist's video, I breadboarded a phaser. Unfortunately it seems my circuit is not achieving anything close to what the hobbyist achieved with his.

I believe the issue is related to my method of achieving an audio in signal as well potential problems with my audio out. For my audio out I have a cheap, unbranded speaker that is only powered via the input signal (3.5 mm audio jack). For my audio input, I was attempting to use a 3.5 mm audio jack from my cellphone that branches into three wires (brown and red for left and right stereo channels, black is ground).

The video I was following comes from Barbarach. He has a blogpost corresponding to the video:

For those who want to see the video, here is the link:

From what I understand, a 3.5 mm audio jack is only really putting out a couple of milliwatts. When I analyze the signal directly with an oscilliscope, I get a signal that never seems to go past a peak voltage of 100mV. Analyzing the signal after each stage reveals more or less the same signal, with significantly more noise and slightly lower peak voltages.

Could I possibly rectify this issue by raising the gain of the first stage of this circuit? Does anyone notice any glaring issues with this circuit, or my attempt at it on the breadboard? When I hook up the phone's output directly to the speaker, it has no issue playing the sound (despite not being all that loud). I understand the impedance of the circuit could very well be lowering the power of the signal to a value that makes it impossible to hear. Or perhaps my only issue is that I need match my JFETs, since I know low quality control means even the same JFET can have very different values.

Phaser Schematic

Breadboarded Phaser

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