Comecei a programar tem pouco tempo e estou tendo dificuldades


Oragaka Naomaii

Estou fazendo um curso de Dart e em um certo momento ensina a fazer uma calculadora de IMC, eu fiz o código igualzinho está no vídeo, deveria pedir o peso, depois pedir a altura e mostrar o resultado, porém eu coloco o peso e fica parado nisso.Foto do Código

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Pricing Different Strike Put With Call Option Price

  • Kai
  • Finance
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How do we find the implied volatility from the price in a call option and apply it to another option without a calculator? Or is there actually a better way? For example, given a 25-strike 1.0-expiry call option on $S$ has time-0 price 0.90 with $r = 0.03$, with $S_0 = 20$. Find the price of a 16-strike 1.0-expiry put option on $S$. How do we solve this question mathematically and not numerically?

Nuxt 3 Error 500 Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'version')

  • Альберт
  • Technology
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Был рабочий проект на nuxt 3, решил попробовать библиотеку nuxt UI, после установки вылезла ошибка После этого я удалил библиотеку, но ошибка никуда не делась. Подскажите, пож, в чем проблема? Как полечить? Не хочется переносить весь код в другой проект..

скрин ошибки

Electrical Standards for Exposed DC Connections

  • Explorex
  • Physics
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We are trying to make a slide lock connection between two parts and thus need to have some sort of connector between them.

I am wondering if anyone is aware of a IEC standard relevant for connecting a 'Low Voltage' system to each other (I would be looking at a connectors rated for 100-400V). I can seemingly find a bunch of standards relating to low voltage AC connections however not DC. I am sure I cannot have four exposed terminals at 300VDC that I just slide together but I can't see a standard that clarifies what I can and can't do.

Can anyone advise a place to look or a standard?

Looking for a Micro SD card that can start up in 1.8V signalling mode

  • ninaleechie
  • Physics
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With the SD 6.0 specification, SD card manufactures have the option to design cards that can autodetect and start up with 1.8V signal levels. I believe they still need to be powered from the nominal 3.3V range but the interface to the microcontroller no longer needs to start at 3.3V and then command the card to reduce to 1.8V signal levels. I don't think this is inclusive of all SD 6.0 compliant cards, just an option is added to the specification. If it does support startup with 1.8V signal levels, I think it needs to be marked with the "LV" stamp (if there is any room left with all of the other stamps - sarcastic, not really part of the spec).

With most of the microcontrollers manufactured in the past decade supporting 1.8V I/O, where are the SD cards that don't need level translators to start up at 1.8V.

Does anyone know of a MicroSD card that may not advertise its ability to start at 1.8V signaling but has this capability?

Farewell Yaakov and thanks for the haiku!

You may soon notice one fewer diamond around the site. The amazing developer, tech lead, and community advocate Yaakov Ellis - user 51(!) - has taken an opportunity elsewhere and today, December 7th, 2023, is the end of over 10 years working for Stack Overflow. When he shared this with me, I offered to write a post here to share with you all. I invite you all to join me in appreciating Yaakov.

Despite his 10 years here, you might not have been aware of him until he requested to move from the Internal Development team to the public platform team in early 2019. Nearly all of his >60k reputation here on MSE has been earned over those last four years as he immediately dove into directly working with and communicating to the community, quickly becoming a fixture and trusted voice. You can check out his rep chart to see this directly:

Reputation over time for Yaakov on Meta Stack Exchange. It's nearly flat around 1000 reputation until it abruptly takes off at the end of 2019, reaching 60k by 2023.

But reputation alone can't speak to the work Yaakov has done over those four years. As a developer, he's worked on numerous projects to update existing UI, create new features and tools, and respond to bugs - but he's devoted himself to working with the community directly throughout it all, wanting to ensure that the community was heard and got to have some fun.

I can't understate the efforts he's gone to, to redirect the company's thinking about the value of the Meta community by providing key data about who uses Meta, pushing for early and frequent discussions in public about upcoming work, and organizing community advocacy on development teams. His honesty and perseverance has helped bolster the Community Team as he holds a position of trust with many core community members while also having the ears of key figures within Stack Overflow.

On top of that, he led some of the most beloved opportunities for fun in recent years, most notably being the primary developer for Winter Bash for several years - where he spent much extra time coming up with fun - sometimes secret - activities for the most devoted WB fans. I can certainly say, the last few years of adventuring with Sparkles the Unicorn have made for a very exciting event.

Finally, I'll end this in the way Yaakov ended many of his posts, which I must assume is his preferred mode of communication and dates back to his first answer here on MSE:

A stressful year ends.
So too, your time at SO.
Forever a friend.

Anybody have solution for this violation issue

  • Smit Bhanderi
  • Main Forum
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Malware, Mobile Unwanted Software & Behavior Transparency Your app is not compliant with the Deceptive Behaviour policy. We expect app functionality to be reasonably clear to users, and we’ve determined your app includes hidden, dormant or undocumented features.

Additionally we’ve identified your app falls into one or both of the two categories below: Your app contains code that could put a user, a user’s data, or a device at risk, and/or Your app does not deliver on the promises made to the user. For more information, please review the Malware, Mobile Unwanted Software policies and the “Behaviour Transparency” section of the Deceptive Behaviour policy. strong text