Input AutoAjustable render Datatable



Buen dia devs, alguno de uds sabra el porque esta input que retorno por medio de datatable no se ajusta de acuerdo a su contenido?

        "data": "ProductoDescripcion"
        ,render: function (data, type, row) {
             return "<input type='text' id='inputDescripcion' maxlength='300' tabindex='-1' class='form-control full-width'  autocomplete='off' style='font-size: 12px;text-transform: uppercase;width:100%' value='" + data + "' >";
            //return data ;

Lo retorno de esta manera pero se ve asi : introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Si se dan cuenta no da el ancho del input de acuerdo a su contenido ahora si retorno solo la data sin ningun imput la informacion me la muestra de la manera correcta la columna toma el ancho del tamanio del contenido. Alguna idea de antemano gracias

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When importing a CAD model into Blender, is there a way to make the surfaces split cleanly?

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I usually use IRONCAD (CAD for mechanical design) in my work, and when I import a model created with this CAD into Blender, it is imported with a dirty division of the surface tangent to the curved surface, as shown in the attached image. I always have to manually fix this to a clean surface division, but it is very time consuming. Is there an add-on or other software conversion that can do this automatically, or is there some easy way to do this?

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I tried to make elephant paste in fluid and used Principled volume shader and gave color using noise texture with color ramp but the problem is texture stay still and not moving with mesh deformation. tried various texture coordinates like generated, object, UV but texture stay still its just stay still like connected to camera or window coordinates in normal material. Does anyone no the solution ?.

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Every time you land on a moon, you have until midnight to leave. I played on March with the "Flooded" condition, which seems to slowly flood out the moons surface as time goes on.

It was around 5:00pm and the entire ship was stranded out in an ocean. I tried to get back to it, but drowned (you can't swim above the water as far as I could tell, only very slowly walk in it).

Does a "Flooded" condition essentially mean you have less time to extract since you'll end up drowning trying to reach the ship (at least on March) if you take too long?

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How do we find the implied volatility from the price in a call option and apply it to another option without a calculator? Or is there actually a better way? For example, given a 25-strike 1.0-expiry call option on $S$ has time-0 price 0.90 with $r = 0.03$, with $S_0 = 20$. Find the price of a 16-strike 1.0-expiry put option on $S$. How do we solve this question mathematically and not numerically?

Nuxt 3 Error 500 Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'version')

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Был рабочий проект на nuxt 3, решил попробовать библиотеку nuxt UI, после установки вылезла ошибка После этого я удалил библиотеку, но ошибка никуда не делась. Подскажите, пож, в чем проблема? Как полечить? Не хочется переносить весь код в другой проект..

скрин ошибки

Electrical Standards for Exposed DC Connections

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We are trying to make a slide lock connection between two parts and thus need to have some sort of connector between them.

I am wondering if anyone is aware of a IEC standard relevant for connecting a 'Low Voltage' system to each other (I would be looking at a connectors rated for 100-400V). I can seemingly find a bunch of standards relating to low voltage AC connections however not DC. I am sure I cannot have four exposed terminals at 300VDC that I just slide together but I can't see a standard that clarifies what I can and can't do.

Can anyone advise a place to look or a standard?

Looking for a Micro SD card that can start up in 1.8V signalling mode

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With the SD 6.0 specification, SD card manufactures have the option to design cards that can autodetect and start up with 1.8V signal levels. I believe they still need to be powered from the nominal 3.3V range but the interface to the microcontroller no longer needs to start at 3.3V and then command the card to reduce to 1.8V signal levels. I don't think this is inclusive of all SD 6.0 compliant cards, just an option is added to the specification. If it does support startup with 1.8V signal levels, I think it needs to be marked with the "LV" stamp (if there is any room left with all of the other stamps - sarcastic, not really part of the spec).

With most of the microcontrollers manufactured in the past decade supporting 1.8V I/O, where are the SD cards that don't need level translators to start up at 1.8V.

Does anyone know of a MicroSD card that may not advertise its ability to start at 1.8V signaling but has this capability?